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Group Benefits

Dental and Vision Insurance

CastleRock Benefits is renowned for its comprehensive dental and vision insurance plans that not only offer excellent coverage but also represent outstanding value. Recognizing that dental and vision care are pivotal for overall health and well-being, our plans are designed to ensure our clients get the best possible care without the worry of prohibitive costs. Paired with our unwavering commitment to superior customer service, you can trust CastleRock to deliver insurance solutions that truly cater to your needs.

Disability Insurance

CastleRock Benefits stands as a leading authority in providing comprehensive short-term and long-term disability insurance plans. Recognizing that disability insurance plays a crucial role in protecting employees against unforeseen income interruptions, we present a range of coverage solutions designed to align with different organizational needs and financial capacities. Trust CastleRock to safeguard your business and its valued workforce with optimal disability coverage.

Life Insurance Benefits

CastleRock Benefits prioritizes securing the most suitable life insurance plans for your business's employees. We understand that life insurance serves as a fundamental pillar of financial security, offering beneficiaries peace of mind during unforeseen events. Since our inception, we've established ourselves as a reliable partner, guiding clients towards top-tier insurance options that combine comprehensive coverage with competitive pricing. Trust in CastleRock to ensure your employees are well-covered for the future.

Health Insurance

CastleRock Benefits provides employers with unparalleled support in selecting the right group health insurance to offer their employees.

Our seasoned advisors will introduce you to carriers, plans, terms, and premiums with personalized attention and care. You talk, and we listen. We’ll be sure to provide you with a broad range of options to suit your company’s needs.

Supplemental Insurance

At CastleRock Benefits, we understand the importance of comprehensive coverage. Supplemental insurance provides additional benefits beyond primary insurance policies, ensuring no gaps in your financial protection. Types of this coverage range from critical illness and accident insurance to cancer plans. These policies are especially beneficial for those with high-deductible plans or specific coverage needs not met by primary insurance. While supplemental insurance typically comes at a lower cost than primary plans, it's vital to weigh the benefits against the price. By bridging the gaps in primary insurance, supplemental coverage offers invaluable peace of mind against unexpected health-related expenses. Let CastleRock Benefits guide you in choosing the right supplemental protection for your needs.

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